Victorinox 3.25″ or 4″ Paring Knifes Only $3.54 – $4.21!

Victorinox Paring & Utility Knifes – Link

Katom has Victorinox 3.25″ pairing knifes on sale for only $3.54 and 4″ ones on sale for only $4.21!

Shipping fees vary depending on shipping locations, so this deal only makes sense if purchasing a few knifes.

“Making those fine cuts requires a nimble hand and a precise blade. That’s where a Victorinox paring knife comes in handy. Find the right piece in this selection that includes a number of blade lengths and handle sizes. Color coded handles help you keep your blades in the hand of the right cook or assign specific knives to certain tasks, preventing cross-contamination between raw and cooked food. Specialized bird’s beak and sheep’s food blades are also available to round out your set.”

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