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Free $0 Phone Line With No Monthly Charge And No Cost Per Minute!!

Sounds to good to be true, read on. You can buy the OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge from Amazon, for only $39.24! (note: the price fluctuates).That is the ONLY charge!!

The OBi100 serves as a channel between your internet connection and a landline phone, which in turn = free phone line, with no monthly charge, caller ID included! If you are out of the country, calling the US or Canada with the OBi through Google Voice is only 1 cents per minute, calling international, also, only has a minimal fee. See international rates.
No phone jack needed, or computer required, for it to work!

Here’s how it works, you set up a free account with Google Voice, and get a free phone number, you can even choose from their database a number that you like. You than follow the easy instructions that come with the OBi Box, plug-in you regular phone, and WHOLLA!! You got a free landline with no cost per minute!!

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

Product Features:

Works with Google Voice for FREE calls to the USA and Canada – Great international rates too!
VoIP Telephone Adapter (ATA) Supports: GV and SIP Services; Callcentric, Sipgate, Vitelity,, etc.
Make free calls on the OBiTALK Network – Connect to other OBi Devices or use the free OBiON for iPhone application or OBiAPP for your PC.
OBi Calling Features: Caller ID, Call Forward, Anonymous Caller Blocking, Message Waiting Indication, Three Way Conference Calling
OBiTALK Portal Features: Manage Your OBi, Connect to Your Friends’ OBi Devices, Add Services, Download Apps for PC, Speed Dial Up to 99 OBi Endpoints or Phone Numbers

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