Transaero Russian Airlines Files For Bankruptcy | Flights To Discontinue December 15th

Transaero, Russia’s 2nd largest airline, has filed for bankruptcy protection, after negotiations on a takeover by Aeroflot, have deadlocked.

Transaero has stopped all ticket sales and will soon cease operations entirely.

Aeroflot, who is is overseeing Transaero’s’ assets, has announced that they will be honoring all Transaero tickets for flights up until December 15th, 2015.
For flights after December 15th, tickets will be refunded. You should apply for a refund from the place you purchased the tickets. If the tickets were purchased direct through Transaero, then apply for the refund from Transaero (see here for instructions) or if purchased through a travel agency, then through the travel agency.

It’s probably also best to file a dispute with your credit card, to ensure you don’t have any issues getting refunded, if the airline ultimately ends up issuing a refund, you can just cancel the dispute with your credit card issuer.

Transaero customer service number: 1 877-747-1191
Aeroflot customer service number: 1 866-879-7647

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