Today Only: Up To 39% Off Highly Rated Philips Wake-up Energy Lights and Alarm Clocks!

Update: Deal over

Philips Wake-up Energy Lights and Alarm Clocks – Link index

For today only, Amazon has the awesome Philips Wake-up Energy Lights on sale up to 39% off.

  • Imagine waking up easily and naturally, without having to be jolted awake with the noise of an alarm clock. Philips Wake-up Lights are designed to do just that.
  • Philips Wake-up Light is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to get up in the morning, especially in the dark winter months. Its gradual sunrise eases you awake, gently and naturally, just like a summer’s dawn, and just in case, there’s a back-up beeper. Wake-up feeling fresh and energetic – just as nature intended.
  • Only Philips Wake-up Lights are clinically proven to work
  • Use as a bedside lamp with 10 brightness settings

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