Spin Master Games – Shark Mania Board Game Just $6.70

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This has currently dropped to it’s lowest ever of just $6.70.

Note that this is an “Add-on Item” which only ships with a minimum $25 Amazon order.

  • It’s a shark-chomping race with no time to waste! Reach the safety of the island at the end of the track before the shark knocks you off!
  • All Shark Mania pirates obey Pirate Code: passing the die, moving quickly, and not peeking at the number on the underside of the coins picked up!
  • Make it to the island safely with the most gold, and you’ll win Shark Mania!If no pirates make it safely to the Island, the Shark wins!
  • Shark Mania is for 2-4 players ages 6+.
  • Includes: 4 Pirate Movers, 16 Coins, 1 Die, 1 Palm Tree, 1 shark fin, 23 assembly pieces for 3ft gameplay unit.

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