Spend $505.95 And Receive Back $540.95!

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Today, Thursday, 9/8/16 at 12:00pm EDT the US Mint will release the Standing Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Coin. capture

The cost of each coin is $485.00.
Limit per household is 1 coin.
The coins will be shipped to your house.
Please make sure to choose NEXT DAY shipping $20.95 – which we will cover/reimburse to you.

There will be a drop off center in Crown Heights. If you cannot drop it off in CH, a pre-paid shipping label can be emailed to you.
We will reimburse you for the coin, the shipping, and pay you $35.00 on top = $540.95.

Purchase cutoff is at 12:30pm today, 9/8/16.
If you have not signed up yet to the DCL Club website, please do so now using the link below (and receive info on all future deals!!!) – as all order info will be required to upload to there.

Click here to join DCL Club.


  1. At noon tomorrow purchase the coins and have it shipped to your house/office. Purchase cutoff is at 12:30pm 9/8/16. Do not purchase after that time.
  2. Fill out the order info on the DCL Club website by 8PM on Thursday 9/8/16.
  3. Input the tracking info into the DCL website as soon as you get the shipping email from the Mint.
  4. You must keep the US Mint box sealed and the original mint shipping label on the box.
  5. You must drop off the coins at the CH drop off center by 9/20/16, or ship the coin via the prepaid return label we will send you by 9/16/16.
  6. Once your order will be marked as received you can request payment through the website.
  7. Payment will be sent via Check or PayPal within 7 business days of the coin having been delivered to us.


You should pre register at the US MINT STORE. Add your billing, shipping and CC info now.
If you already registered, make sure your Password, CC, billing, and shipping info are all up to date.
Billing and shipping should be the same.

Its always good to log in a few minutes before 12:00 and to keep refreshing the page until you see “add to bag”.

Have the CC on file handy as it will ask for the 3-4 digit security code at checkout.

Please note: DCLClub takes full and sole responsibility for the reimbursement of these coins. They have been around for many years, and have many happy customers!

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  1. In a nutshell, You basically purchase this coin, when it arrives you slap a shipping label on it and ship it out and you make $35 profit for doing this?

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