Set of 2 BBQ Grill Mats For $5.73

Set of 2 BBQ Grill Mats – Link index

Currently available Via Amazon for $8.19.  Drop the total to $5.73 with code: GGV5OAY3

  • Great For All Types of Food
  • BBQ Grill Mat Kings – We Have Made Grilling Even Easier
  • Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Material
  • Food Will Never Fall Through the Cracks with these Amazing Grill Mats
  • Works fabulously – nothing falls thru the grates and even has grill marks. Best of all, clean up is just a quick dip under running water and towel off. No more drips at the bottom of the grill and no more cleaning the grill.

(Thanks Drew for the tip!)

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