Roundtrip From Tel Aviv Israel To Boston For Just $531-$539 Or To NYC For Just $559!

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You can currently snag flights from Tel Aviv Israel (TLV) to Boston (BOS) for just $531-$539 roundtrip! This fare is bookable on Priceline. Flights are on Air France, with a stop-over in Paris, France. Note: For later months starting April 2016, this fare might only be available on CheapOAir.

You can also currently find flights from Tel Aviv to New York for as low as $559 roundtrip. These flights are bookable on CheapOAir, and are on Ukraine International Airlines with a stop-over in Kiev.  Alternatively, there are flights on Air France with a stop in Paris, for $629 round trip. When booking any flight on CheapOAir, If booking one ticket, use promo code: NY15 – If booking more than one ticket, use code: GROUP40

Dates available for the Tel Aviv – Boston flights, are from October 11th through the end of May of 2016!

Dates available for the Tel Aviv – NYC flights for Ukraine Airlines, are multiple dates starting from October 1st (excluding Sukkot) through the end of May of 2016. The Air France flights are available on the outbound from September 1st thorough the end of October. For the return segment, flight are available through December 15th.

Important calendar dates:


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9 thoughts on “Roundtrip From Tel Aviv Israel To Boston For Just $531-$539 Or To NYC For Just $559!

  1. I tried to find dates on Priceline, Boston, TLV, between October and February. No matter what I enter for dates it does not get me anything cheaper than $775 round trip.

    • Are you trying from Tel Aviv to Boston or from Boston to Tel Aviv? This deal is from Tel Aviv to Boston. A sample date is January 12-January 19.
      Hope this helps.

  2. The cheapest Air France flights I’m finding for TLV-NYC from Oct 18-Nov 2, even on a flexible dates search, are $785. Also, I don’t see a place to enter a promo code, at least not before the actual booking stage. Does the promo code at booking reduce the fare?

    • Perhaps those dates are already sold out of the cheapest fares, as this deal was originally posted 3 days ago, on July 18.
      On Priceline there is no promo codes, but the Air France flights are generally cheaper for those months on Priceline than on CheapOAir. On CheapOAir, the promo code can be entered at checkout, right above the payment info. Click on on “Enter Promo Code” and the box to enter the code will appear.

      Edit: I just checked those dates, and the fare is coming up at $552 on Priceline or $547 on CheapOAir after the promo code has been entered.

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