Mega Bloks Build Big! Creation Box Just $7.99!

mega bloksGroupon has the Mega Bloks Build Big! Creation Box for only $7.99! ($35 value)

“These oversized blocks decorated with bright, whimsical patterns spill from gift boxes and, in the hands of enterprising toddlers, create everything from animals to towers. Animal prints, faces, and assorted decorations festoon the sides of the blocks, inspiring youngsters to undertake projects such as building a giraffe or besting Frank Gehry. The blocks’ multipronged tops ensure a safe, firm fit.”

  • Big building blocks designed for the little hands of kids and T. rexes
  • Decorated with designs such as animal markings and smiling faces
  • Multipronged blocks fit together safely and securely
  • Great for toddlers and preschoolers
  • 36 pieces

You can also pick up the Mega Bloks Moshi Monsters Play Set for just $4.99!
( $30 value)

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