Grekitchen 12″ Barbecue Grill Brush/Grill Cleaner Just $6.88

Grekitchen12″ Barbecue Grill Brush/Grill Cleaner – Link  610abRjDbdL._SX425_

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  • High Quality Stainless Steel Material:Our stainless steel bristles brushes has stiff rigid construction but light-weight. It is safe for use in all grill types whether stainless steel, porcelain coated, electric, gas, cast iron or infrared. Keeps your grill looking shiny new!
  • Ergonomic Design:Each of our grill brushes has 3-sided extra thick stainless steel wire bristle and 360°cleans easily hard-to-reach spaces. Each BBQ brush has a weather resistant handle with the perfect length (12″ and 18″) for ease of use. Allows the use of both hands with minimal effort. It also keeps your hands from getting burned by keeping them further from the heat. Shorter brushes take way too much effort and longer brushes are too cumbersome
  • 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

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