Get A $5 Statement At Exxon/Mobil On Each Of Your American Express Cards!

American Express is offering a $5 statement credit when you register your American Express credit card and spend $25 or more at the pump at any Exxon or Mobil station! Valid through 9/3015. Capture

This offer is valid only at the pump at any Exxon or Mobil station using your synced Card or a Speedpass linked to your synced Card. Not valid for online or in-store purchases or any purchases not made at the pump. Excludes convenience store purchases, car washes, aviation fuel, car repair, garage service and gift card purchases. Valid at any participating location in the US. Enrollment limited.

To register for this promo:

  1. Sync your American Express card to your Twitter account Here
  2. From your Twitter account, tweet #AmexExxonMobil to add the offer to your synced Amex Card.
  3. Make a purchase at the pump totaling $25 or more with your synced card at Exxon or Mobil by September 30, 2015.
  4. Receive the $5 statement credit within 90 day after your purchase, though usually much quicker.
    You can view full T&C’s here.

Note: Make sure that you’ve received a “@ reply” message from @AmexSync stating that this offer has been added to your synced Card.

Have more than 1 American express card? You can register all of them for this offer to get the $5 on each card – including the user cards! You can do this with a separate Twitter account for each card, or you can just unsync and resync your cards to your Twitter account via this link.
Just note that If you do unsync and resync a few cards for the same Twitter account, you will need to change the tweet slightly each time for the new card to be registered. For example:
#AmexExxonMobil 1
#AmexExxonMobil 2

When resyncing a credit card, all you need to do is fill out the first half of the form with your name, email, and credit card number. There is no need to fill out the billing address card expiration, and the 4 digit code. You can use the same email address for all of your cards.

Alternatively, if you are not a twitter user, you can check if you have this offer available in your online account.

To check for this offer:

  1. Go to American
  2. Log-in to your account and Scroll down to where it says “Amex Offers & Benefits”.
  3. Check if you have this offer available.
  4. If available, be sure to save the offer to your card by clicking on “Add to Card”.


Note: Be sure to check under all your American Express credit cards. If you have this under more than 1 card, first open a new tab in the same browser, for each of the cards that this offer is found under. Once you have this offer open on all available accounts, only then hit “Add to Card”. This way you can claim this offer more than once, as normally, once you click “Add to Card” on one account, it invalidates the same offer on the other accounts and they will disappear from the other accounts.

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