DYMO 5LB USB SCALE – $12.99 – or *FREE!*

DYMO 5LB USB SCALE WITH MANUALAdorama has the DYMO 5LB USB SCALE WITH MANUAL for just $12.99! w/free shipping (Reg. $49.99)

Of course you can always get one for free 😉 by simply signing up for a 4 week risk free trial to Stamps. When you sign up for the risk free trial (click on the special offer) you’ll get $5 of free postage stamps + a FREE digital scale (Reg. $50) + $5 Supplies kit, you can’t really go wrong with that! If you choose to continue your subscription after the 4-week trial, you’ll get an additional $40 of postage FREE, $10 a month for 4 months.


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