Case Of Paper (5,000 Sheets) For Just $4.99 + Free Shipping!

Update: This deal ends soon, on July 18.

Originally posted July 12th.

Staples Multipurpose Paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Case – Links0927156_sc7

Staples has this case of Staples Multipurpose Paper for $53.99. Get $5 off with code: 23663 – This brings your total down to $48.99 w/free shipping.

Next, Submit this Easy Rebate, for a $44 Visa Prepaid Card (limit 2) which can be used anywhere, for a final cost of only $4.99 or just 50¢ per ream!

4 thoughts on “Case Of Paper (5,000 Sheets) For Just $4.99 + Free Shipping!

  1. Trying to buy Staples paper. You say no shipping but when I go to Staples they are charging 9.95 for the item? What to do?

    • What should I tell you…try reading the post.
      The $9.99 is the cost for the item after rebate and before coupon.
      If you try checking out, shipping will be free.

      • Nice response. Always a good idea to belittle the customer. When checking out and buying 1 box
        the statement read $9.95 for shipping. If I bought 2 boxes it said shipping was free. If I pick it up at store, well there is no shipping. You may want to consider another line of work if answering these questions stresses you out .

  2. Nice response. Are you customer service or customer disservice. Does your training include belittling the customer. I understand the cost is 9.99 after rebates, but when ordering one box I was billed 9.95 for shipping. When ordering 2 boxes shipping was free.

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