Barbie Hello Dreamhouse For Just $224 w/ Free Shipping

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Amazon has this marked down right now to its lowest price of just $224 w/ free shipping!

  • “The Toy Insider Top Tech 12” winner. Move into the high-tech world with the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse that uses Wi-Fi-enabled speech recognition to respond to more than 100 commands!
  • Features four motors, automatic elevator, electronic staircase that turns into a slide, spinning chandelier and doors that open with a voice command!
  • Change features within the six rooms, move the elevator and change the stairs into a slide simply by telling the house what to do!
  • Use the Hello Dreamhouse app to customize the sounds in each play space — you can even record your own sounds for use in any of 15 locations
  • Thirteen switches located throughout the house bring each room to life — like a fireplace that crackles in the living room!

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