American Express Gift Cards W/No Fees! = Meeting Minimum Spend Requirements For Free

Now through January 31st, 2014 American Express is offering Gift Cards without the usual fee of $3.95-$6.95 per card when using promo code HOLIDAYCC3. This promo code does not waive the shipping charge.

amex gc

Gift cards range between $25 – $3000 and you can purchase up-to $5000 worth of gift cards.

A great thing about gift cards (besides for giving gifts, of course) is that it’s a great way to meet minimum spend requirements for credit card sign-up bonuses within the allotted time frame!

Unlike merchant specific gift cards, Amex gift cards can be used virtually anywhere, as they are accepted anywhere American Express is accepted.

Note: Citibank generally processes gift card purchases as cash advances, so you definitely DO NOT want to purchase these on your Citibank credit card. Additionally, purchasing large amounts on your American Express credit card “may” lead to a “financial review”.

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