3 Boxes Of 100% Natural Whole Fruit & Nut Bars (36 Bars) For $30.97-$33.97 (Or Just $20.97-$23.97 With Amex!)

Certified Kosher Parve – OU.

To get this deal:

  1. Puritan’s Pride has these 100% natural bars on sale for between $11.99 – $12.99 per box
  2. Add 3 boxes to cart
  3. Enter code: 141517E – Takes $5 off
  4. Total will be $30.97-$33.97 shipped!

Additionally, American Express has a targeted offer for $10 back on $30 or more at Puritan’s Pride. This will effectively bring your total for the 3 boxes, down to just $20.97-$23.97!

To check for this American Express offer:

  1. Go to American Express.com
  2. Log-in to your account and Scroll down to where it says “Amex Offers & Benefits”.
  3. Check if you have this offer available.
  4. If available, be sure to save the offer to your card by clicking on “Add to Card”.

Note: Be sure to check under all your American Express credit cards. If you have this under more than 1 card, first open a new tab in the same browser, for each of the cards that this offer is found under. Once you have this offer open on all available accounts, only then hit “Add to Card”. This way you can claim this offer more than once, as normally, once you click “Add to Card” on one account, it invalidates the same offer on the other accounts and they will disappear  from the other accounts.


All credit card offers can be viewed and applied for by clicking here or on the credit cards tab above. On the credit cards page, you can click on the “Credit Cards By Issuing Bank” link, to view all credit card offers offered by any specific credit card issuer. Just scroll down and click on the logo of the bank issuer of your choice.

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